i-Ready® Diagnostic & Instruction
Reading and Mathematics
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A blended learning solution: Print and online instruction that works together

i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction delivers “what's next” in print and online. With i-Ready, teachers won't need to search for classroom materials to target students' individual needs. The online diagnostic recommends appropriate levels and lessons to turn to in STARS® and STAMS® for individual or small group instruction based on student needs. For further support, i-Ready also automatically places students into online lessons that provide explicit, individualized instruction.

STAMS® | Mathematics, Grades 1–8

Provides explicit instruction on fundamental math skills. i-Ready reports point to which targeted lessons and levels.

  • Each lesson uses a five-step, highly scaffolded approach to build foundational math skills.
  • Highly visual, engaging lessons aid in student understanding.
  • Comprehensive teacher guide supports professional development.

STARS® | Reading, Grades K–8

Scaffolded, five-part teacher-led instruction on essential reading comprehension strategies. i-Ready reports point to STARS lessons and levels.

  • Gradual release of responsibility and practice with short pieces of text help build student confidence
  • Lessons feature strategies designed to reinforce student understanding
  • Comprehensive teacher guide supports professional development.

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