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Standards Mastery for Virginia

Understand Where Your Students Stand against the SOL

Shenique Mens-Smith and Steve McBride.

Designed to assess the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), Standards Mastery for Virginia offers educators the option to assess student understanding of any Mathematics or Reading standard for Grades 2–8 in a brief (15-minute) assessment.

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What do you get with Standards Mastery for Virginia?

  • Immediate insight into student understanding, progress, and need, including item analysis for each student with common misconceptions
  • Instructional recommendations and resources best suited to support students based on their current understanding of specific skills

327 Virginia Schools Use i-Ready

i-Ready provides a single platform that helps teachers use data to differentiate instruction with digital and print resources correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Over 169,000 Virginia students across 327 schools already benefit from i-Ready. Download the brochure to learn more. 

Discover the Power of i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia

i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia video preview.

i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia sample report.

Sample Report: Results by Test for a Class

i-Ready Standards Mastery for Virginia Item Analysis.

Sample Report: Results by Test for a Student

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