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Utah State BOE Approved seal over i-Ready lesson.

i-Ready Is Approved for the Early Interactive Reading Software Grant

Applications Are Open Now Until May 28


Access i-Ready through the Reading Grant

i-Ready is currently approved for Grades 2–3. To discuss licensing for other grades, please contact DMoorman@cainc.com or JKongaika@cainc.com.

What Makes i-Ready the Right Choice for Utah?

  • Built for the Utah Core Standardsi-Ready Assessment provides educators with actionable data—including updated reports for the Utah Core Standards—that enables them to pinpoint each student's learning needs, while i-Ready Personalized Instruction gives teachers rigorous content that prepares students for the state assessment.
  • One Integrated Program—Each student’s i-Ready Diagnostic results are seamlessly connected to i-Ready Personalized Instruction online lessons. This integration saves educators time and makes personalized instruction achievable in every classroom.
  • Utah-Based Implementation Support—More than 40 percent of Curriculum Associates employees work in roles that directly serve educators. Your dedicated, Utah-based support team is invested in your success and works with you from implementation to practice.
  • Backed by Research—An independent, statewide study revealed that Utah students using i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Reading showed significant improvements in literacy achievement.

At-Risk Students Ending the Year At or Above Benchmark on Acadience Reading, by Software Program and Grade

Graph showing more at-risk students using i-Ready ended the year at or above benchmark.

Results from the ESSA Level 2 2019 study, Utah’s Early Intervention Reading Software, conducted by the Evaluation and Training Institute for the Utah State Board of Education

Across all grades, a higher percentage of at-risk students using i-Ready ended the year At or Above benchmark compared to their control group peers. At-risk students using i-Ready demonstrated the largest shift toward performing At or Above benchmark by the end of the year for kindergarten (+24 percent), first grade (+12 percent), and third grade (+6 percent). Read more about the research study here.

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Utah Educators Rated i-Ready 4.7 out of 5 Stars

In 2018, a customer satisfaction survey was distributed to educators across 70 Utah schools currently serving 22,229 students. i-Ready was rated 4.7 out of 5 stars.

“The personalized approach to reading and math aligned to the core standards is an excellent form of differentiated instruction. i‑Ready represents a balanced approach in both reading and math, with skills practice in the foundational and computational skills as well as application practice in the rest of the standards.”

—Dr. Kathleen Einhorn, Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Park City School District

“With i‑Ready, students work on their academic level. It is predictive of end-of-level performance. The program reports help to prescribe needed instruction. It also provides easy-to-follow lesson plans for additional instruction. Our school is showing exemplary progress among schools of like demographics. We were selected as a National Title I Distinguished School for 2017.

—Jill Franklin, Principal, Provo City School District

“[i-Ready] gives us accurate data on how students are performing on specific standards, what they know, and what the next steps for instruction are. i‑Ready allows us to personalize each student's learning as well as provides a teacher-friendly platform.”

—Angela Gronewald, Instructional Coach, Ogden City School District

“[i-Ready] helps us to not wait until SAGE to ensure that all students K–6 are proficient and making progress . . . Other programs that we have seen just do not have the teacher-friendly reports and supports that i-Ready gives us.

—KymBerlyn Farrugia, Federal Programs Coordinator, Murray City School District

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