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K–12 Math Personalized Learning Software Grant

Limited funds available. Applications close March 27.


What Makes i-Ready the Right Choice for Utah?

  • Built for the Utah Core Standardsi-Ready Assessment provides educators with actionable data (including updated reports for the Utah Core Standards) that enable them to pinpoint each students’ learning needs, while i-Ready Personalized Instruction gives teachers rigorous content that prepares students for the state assessment.
  • One Integrated Program—Each student’s i-Ready Diagnostic results are seamlessly connected to i-Ready Personalized Instruction online lessons. This integration saves educators’ time and makes personalized instruction achievable in every classroom.
  • Utah-Based Implementation Support—More than 40% of Curriculum Associates employees work in roles that directly serve educators. Your dedicated, Utah-based support team is invested in your success and works with you from implementation to practice.
  • Backed by Researchi-Ready is backed by extensive research, including multiple independent evaluations conducted by the Utah STEM Action Center* over the course of the 2014–2015 through 2018–2019 school years.

Results from Fidelity Impact Analysis Show i-Ready Has the Greatest Impact

Graph showing i-Ready has a larger effect size of impact than ALEKS, ST Math, and Think Through Math.

Results are displayed for the fidelity sample. The fidelity benchmarks were set by each provider.

View the full 2014–2015 study and additional studies from the Utah STEM Action Center: 2014–2015 | 2015–2016 | 2016–2017 | 2017–2018 

*Brasiel, S., & Martin, T. (2015). STEM Action Center Grant Program Annual Evaluation Report 2014–2015. Logan, UT: Utah State University, Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences.

“ I think [i-Ready] is wonderful. I have used the product both in class as a fast finisher as well as a supplement for students who need extra help. I have also encouraged my students to use it at home as well and have set it up for some students to use it as their daily math homework practice. It has really benefited me in filling in gaps as well as differentiating instruction.” Teacher, Utah (Source: STEM Action Center Grant Program Annual Evaluation Report, 2015)

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Ready to Apply?

Click below to access the application before the deadline on March 27.  If you have any questions, contact the Utah STEM Action Center at (801) 538-8608. 


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