Differentiation Made Possible for Parochial Schools

Save Time with i‑Ready and Teacher Toolbox

When time and resources are limited, differentiated instruction can feel like an impossible dream. With the right tools, it can become a reality in all classrooms. i‑Ready is a comprehensive assessment and instruction program that empowers educators with the resources they need to help all students succeed. By connecting Diagnostic data and Personalized Instruction, i‑Ready reduces complexity, saves educators time, and makes differentiated instruction achievable in every classroom.

Further differentiate your instruction with Teacher Toolbox—a digital collection from which teachers can draw relevant, standards-based resources to introduce new concepts, reteach standards, or help students learn prerequisite skills from earlier grades.

The Archdiocese of Chicago Selects i‑Ready

Hear from educators at the Archdiocese of Chicago—where i‑Ready was recently chosen as the assessment tool for all Grades K–2 students—about how they use i‑Ready and Teacher Toolbox to differentiate instruction for all learners.

“It’s hard for one teacher to hit all the levels where kids are at, and i-Ready really supports every child.”  Tina Skukan, Teacher, St. Hilary School, Chicago

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