Meeting the Needs of Catholic Schools with Differentiated Instruction

With over 200,000 Catholic school students using Curriculum Associates products nationwide, we understand the unique challenges of Catholic schools and the educators who dedicate themselves to their students’ success.

We were proud to partner with the Archdiocese of Chicago when they chose i-Ready as their assessment tool across Grades K–8, helping them make differentiated instruction achievable for all their students.

i-Ready’s diagnostic data and personalized instruction become even more powerful when combined with Teacher Toolbox—a digital collection from which teachers can draw relevant, standards-based resources to introduce new concepts, reteach standards, or help students learn prerequisite skills from earlier grades.

Hear from educators at the Archdiocese of Chicago

See how they used i-Ready and Teacher Toolbox to reduce complexity and save teachers time while providing their students a personalized path to growth.

"Chicago-area Catholic school students exceed expectations on standardized assessments"

Catholic school educators in Chicago were excited to see that the majority of students who took the i-Ready Diagnostic last fall exceeded expectations, despite the difficulties of the pandemic.


More from Catholic School Educators

"After five years of continuous implementation, the collaboration and unity of our schools has blossomed under the use of i-Ready. Throughout the spring of 2020, while our schools shifted to online learning platforms, i-Ready helped us sustain our goals and upon our return to in-person learning in Fall 2020, helped our teachers quickly measure and respond to what the data was saying about student needs.

From exceptional customer service to dynamic professional development opportunities, Curriculum Associates has become an important partner in helping the Diocese of Rochester Catholic Schools fulfill our mission."

—J. Tauzel, Superintendent of Schools in the Diocese of Rochester NY

"i-Ready has been an exceptional tool for our schools and teachers to engage while serving the educational needs of our students. i-Ready enables informed, valid and reliable data regarding student progress in ELA and Math.

The Curriculum Associates team works with us like colleagues providing assistance and guidance as well as regularly reporting about assessment outcomes. The level of service that we receive is second to none.

—William Crist, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Syracuse, NY

"Teachers use [i-Ready] reports to identify instructional priorities and to design and implement instruction. Teachers and parents are able to share information about students' learning and progress that is current and concise and provides evidence of the quality of education that students are receiving in our Catholic schools.

Curriculum Associates representatives are available, knowledgeable and accommodating. Our partnership with CA has supported the cultures of continuous performance in our Catholic Schools."

—Barbara Messina, Assistant Superintendent, Diocese of Syracuse Catholic Schools, NY

Your Partner in Catholic Student Success

More than 40 percent of the Curriculum Associates team is devoted to roles directly serving educators. The i-Ready Partners dedicated service team helps educators build data-driven classrooms, empowering teachers with actionable insights connected to rigorous instruction that excites students and invests them in their own learning.

Catholic schools served by i-Ready Partners receive:

  • Professional Development (PD) delivered by educators to transform your classroom practices
  • Proactive technical support to head off issues even before they start
  • A dedicated Account team that makes your goals their priority

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