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i-Ready Assessing at Home Educator Kit.

Assessing at Home Kit for Educators


At-home testing is challenging regardless of the test or provider. We identified some unanimous trends among the subset of leaders and teachers who were successful in administering the Diagnostic at home this spring:

  • Consistency: Clarity and repetition are essential. District leaders must cascade a simple set of messages about assessing at home to school leaders, who cascade messages to teachers, who cascade messages to families and caregivers.
  • Relationships: Direct teacher-to-family communication is a key driver of quality data. Families need to hear how the Diagnostic impacts their own student’s learning.
  • Preparedness: Leaders and teachers who think through the operational details of assessing at home ahead of time get better data.

The Assessing at Home Kit is designed to help educators adopt key best practices in each of these areas via a collection of easy-to-turnkey tools for district leaders, school leaders, teachers, and families. These tools are not wordy technical documents. They are simple-to-use, brand-new resources designed to make it easy to act, and provide inspiration based on what other educators have done well.

For more resources to support families with assessing at home, please visit i-ReadyCentral.com/AssessingAtHome.

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