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Photo of Elizabeth Peyser.

Number Lines 101: The Fundamentals

Elizabeth Peyser

November 12,  8–9 a.m. ET
Session Number: On Demand: 4

Number lines are a lovely sense-making tool, from early elementary to secondary mathematics domains. Simple? Often the building and understanding are a bit elusive by students and educators! Join us for hands-on learning to construct this important tool—from whole numbers to fraction computation to double number lines in middle school and more!

Photo of Danielle Curran.

Engaging Students in Mathematical Thinking and Discourse during Remote and Hybrid Learning

Danielle Curran

November 13, 7–8 p.m. ET
Session Number: 137

In this session, we will share strategies for engaging students in mathematical thinking and discourse while teaching remotely or six feet apart. We will discuss strategies that can be used to engage students in discussing mathematics and allow teachers to get in-the-moment feedback from students. Teachers will leave with resources to help them manage online learning and strategies to use in remote-learning settings.

Photo of Mark Ellis.

Learning from Teachers Working to Rehumanize Math Learning through Culturally Responsive Teaching

Mark Ellis

November 13, 7–8 p.m. ET
Session Number: 140

Learn from the efforts of teachers in several districts to enact elements of culturally responsive math teaching as a way to increase student interest and success, engaging students' cultural, linguistic, and community knowledge. You will examine examples of math tasks, discuss instructional practices, and reflect on our work as teachers of math.

Photos of Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta.

Five Essential Strategies to Develop Students’ Capacity to Think and Reason Mathematically

Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta

November 13, 7–8 p.m. ET
Session Number: 139

Creating classrooms where all students engage in powerful math reasoning requires us to keep the focus on the thinking and provide access and support to a wide range of learners. In this session, you will learn five high-leverage teaching strategies that will get and keep all your students engaged in meaningful mathematics.

Photos of Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta.

Interpret and Interrogate: A Reasoning Routine to Ensure ALL Students Are Modeling with Mathematics

Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta

November 14, 11 a.m.–12 p.m. ET
Session Number: 188

Modeling with mathematics is essential for ALL students as they navigate their own complex world. Teaching it requires explicit, inclusive development–interrogating situations and interpreting and analyzing mathematical models of them. Learn an instructional routine to teach modeling with baked-in strategies to provide access for all students.

Photo of Loryn Lenartowicz.

Questions Matter: Using a Framework to Support Posing Purposeful Questions

Loryn Lenartowicz

November 14, 12:30–1:30 p.m. ET
Session Number: 193

What questions can we ask to promote sense making and productive struggle, deepen conceptual understanding, and make connections between different mathematical representations?  Explore a framework for asking purposeful questions to create the kind of math classroom you want to have.

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