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Designed to activate students' full potential to become college and career ready, Ready is a proven-effective instruction and practice program that has the rigor required to raise student achievement in Reading/ELA, Writing, and Mathematics.

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SOL Ready Mathematics

Prepare your Virginia students for the new Standards of Learning testing in mathematics.

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CAMS & STAMS Book Collection

Accurately diagnose and provide differentiated instruction in mathematics.

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SOL Ready Mathematics

Grades 3–8

Prepare your Virginia students for the Standards of Learning testing in mathematics. SOL Ready Mathematics focuses on solving math problems that closely mirror the types of problems students will see on the math SOL tests.

  • Three practice units for pretesting, benchmarking, and post testing
  • Helps identify challenging content areas so that students get targeted instruction
  • Selected-response problems span the SOL strands

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QtyVirginia SOL Ready Mathematics

  Grade 3 10-Pack WS13373 978-0-7609-7567-1     $29.90
  Grade 3 Teacher Guide WS13373.9 978-0-7609-7579-4     $5.95
  Grade 4 10-Pack WS13374 978-0-7609-7568-8     $29.90
  Grade 4 Teacher Guide WS13374.9 978-0-7609-7580-0     $5.95
  Grade 5 10-Pack WS13375 978-0-7609-7569-5     $29.90
  Grade 5 Teacher Guide WS13375.9 978-0-7609-7581-7     $5.95
  Grade 6 10-Pack WS13376 978-0-7609-7570-1     $29.90
  Grade 6 Teacher Guide WS13376.9 978-0-7609-7582-4     $5.95
  Grade 7 10-Pack WS13377 978-0-7609-7571-8     $29.90
  Grade 7 Teacher Guide WS13377.9 978-0-7609-7583-1     $5.95
  Grade 8 10-Pack WS13378 978-0-7609-7572-5     $29.90
  Grade 8 Teacher Guide WS13378.9 978-0-7609-7584-8     $5.95

SOL Ready Mathematics follows the content and format of Virginia state testing and includes:

  • Number and number sense
  • Computation and estimation
  • Measurement and geometry
  • Probability and statistics
  • Patterns, functions, and algebra

Student Books contain:

  • Three practice units

Teacher Guides feature:

  • Correlations to the Virginia Standards of Learning
  • Answer key

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Virginia SOL Ready Mathematics

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