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Designed to activate students' full potential to become college and career ready, Ready is a proven-effective instruction and practice program that has the rigor required to raise student achievement in Reading/ELA, Writing, and Mathematics.

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CARS & STARS Book Collection

Pinpoint needs, differentiate instruction, and measure progress in reading.

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CAMS & STAMS Book Collection

Accurately diagnose and provide differentiated instruction in mathematics.

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Grades 1–8 | Great for Tier 2 & 3

Help striving readers achieve success with explicit, direct instruction and concentrated practice. Students learn to successfully apply a strategy by:
  • Using strategy-specific thinking and clue words
  • Taking notes and summarizing orally and in writing
  • Practicing with embedded test prep items

Six ZOOM IN titles span reading levels 1.0-8.9 (Levels A-H):

  • Understanding Main Idea and Details
  • Understanding Sequence
  • Recognizing Cause and Effect
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Making Predictions
  • Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

A comprehensive teacher guide provides step-by-step guidance for teachers.

ZOOM IN provides great preparation for CCSS with leveled informational and literary passages. It teaches students to interact with text and helps students prepare for emphasis on finding textual evidence in CCSS

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QtyZOOM IN Class Collection

  Level A (Gr.1) WS11322 978-0-7609-5296-2     $239.00
  Level B (Gr.2) WS11323 978-0-7609-5297-9     $239.00
  Level C (Gr.3) WS11324 978-0-7609-5298-6     $239.00
  Level D (Gr.4) WS11325 978-0-7609-5299-3     $239.00
  Level E (Gr.5) WS11326 978-0-7609-5300-6     $239.00
  Level F (Gr.6) WS11327 978-0-7609-5301-3     $239.00
  Level G (Gr.7) WS11328 978-0-7609-5302-0     $239.00
  Level H (Gr.8) WS11329 978-0-7609-5303-7     $239.00

QtyZOOM IN On Comparing and Contrasting

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 5-Pack WS11027 978-0-7609-4888-0     $24.95
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS11027.9 978-0-7609-4896-5     $25.00
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 5-Pack WS11028 978-0-7609-4889-7     $24.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS11028.9 978-0-7609-4897-2     $25.00
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 5-Pack WS11029 978-0-7609-4890-3     $24.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS11029.9 978-0-7609-4898-9     $25.00
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 5-Pack WS11030 978-0-7609-4891-0     $24.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS11030.9 978-0-7609-4899-6     $25.00
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 5-Pack WS11031 978-0-7609-4892-7     $24.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS11031.9 978-0-7609-4900-9     $25.00
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 5-Pack WS11032 978-0-7609-4893-4     $24.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS11032.9 978-0-7609-4901-6     $25.00
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 5-Pack WS11033 978-0-7609-4894-1     $24.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS11033.9 978-0-7609-4902-3     $25.00
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 5-Pack WS11034 978-0-7609-4895-8     $24.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS11034.9 978-0-7609-4903-0     $25.00

QtyZOOM IN On Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 5-Pack WS11035 978-0-7609-4912-2     $24.95
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS11035.9 978-0-7609-4920-7     $25.00
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 5-Pack WS11036 978-0-7609-4913-9     $24.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS11036.9 978-0-7609-4921-4     $25.00
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 5-Pack WS11037 978-0-7609-4914-6     $24.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS11037.9 978-0-7609-4922-1     $25.00
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 5-Pack WS11038 978-0-7609-4915-3     $24.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS11038.9 978-0-7609-4923-8     $25.00
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 5-Pack WS11039 978-0-7609-4916-0     $24.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS11039.9 978-0-7609-4924-5     $25.00
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 5-Pack WS11040 978-0-7609-4917-7     $24.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS11040.9 978-0-7609-4925-2     $25.00
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 5-Pack WS11041 978-0-7609-4918-4     $24.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS11041.9 978-0-7609-4926-9     $25.00
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 5-Pack WS11042 978-0-7609-4919-1     $24.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS11042.9 978-0-7609-4927-6     $25.00

QtyZOOM IN On Making Predictions

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 5-Pack WS11043 978-0-7609-4936-8     $24.95
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS11043.9 978-0-7609-4944-3     $25.00
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 5-Pack WS11044 978-0-7609-4937-5     $24.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS11044.9 978-0-7609-4945-0     $25.00
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 5-Pack WS11045 978-0-7609-4938-2     $24.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS11045.9 978-0-7609-4946-7     $25.00
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 5-Pack WS11046 978-0-7609-4939-9     $24.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS11046.9 978-0-7609-4947-4     $25.00
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 5-Pack WS11047 978-0-7609-4940-5     $24.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS11047.9 978-0-7609-4948-1     $25.00
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 5-Pack WS11048 978-0-7609-4941-2     $24.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS11048.9 978-0-7609-4949-8     $25.00
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 5-Pack WS11049 978-0-7609-4942-9     $24.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS11049.9 978-0-7609-4950-4     $25.00
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 5-Pack WS11050 978-0-7609-4943-6     $24.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS11050.9 978-0-7609-4951-1     $25.00

QtyZOOM IN On Placement

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 10-Pack WS11260 978-0-7609-5032-6     $20.90
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS11260.9 978-0-7609-5040-1     $5.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 10-Pack WS11261 978-0-7609-5033-3     $20.90
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS11261.9 978-0-7609-5041-8     $5.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 10-Pack WS11262 978-0-7609-5034-0     $20.90
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS11262.9 978-0-7609-5042-5     $5.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 10-Pack WS11263 978-0-7609-5035-7     $20.90
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS11263.9 978-0-7609-5043-2     $5.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 10-Pack WS11264 978-0-7609-5036-4     $20.90
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS11264.9 978-0-7609-5044-9     $5.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 10-Pack WS11265 978-0-7609-5037-1     $20.90
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS11265.9 978-0-7609-5045-6     $5.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 10-Pack WS11266 978-0-7609-5038-8     $20.90
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS11266.9 978-0-7609-5046-3     $5.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 10-Pack WS11267 978-0-7609-5039-5     $20.90
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS11267.9 978-0-7609-5047-0     $5.95

QtyZOOM IN On Recognizing Cause and Effect

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 5-Pack WS11051 978-0-7609-4960-3     $24.95
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS11051.9 978-0-7609-4968-9     $25.00
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 5-Pack WS11052 978-0-7609-4961-0     $24.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS11052.9 978-0-7609-4969-6     $25.00
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 5-Pack WS11053 978-0-7609-4962-7     $24.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS11053.9 978-0-7609-4970-2     $25.00
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 5-Pack WS11054 978-0-7609-4963-4     $24.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS11054.9 978-0-7609-4971-9     $25.00
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 5-Pack WS11055 978-0-7609-4964-1     $24.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS11055.9 978-0-7609-4972-6     $25.00
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 5-Pack WS11056 978-0-7609-4965-8     $24.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS11056.9 978-0-7609-4973-3     $25.00
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 5-Pack WS11057 978-0-7609-4966-5     $24.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS11057.9 978-0-7609-4974-0     $25.00
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 5-Pack WS11058 978-0-7609-4967-2     $24.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS11058.9 978-0-7609-4975-7     $25.00

QtyZOOM IN On Understanding Main Ideas and Details

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 5-Pack WS11059 978-0-7609-4984-9     $24.95
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS11059.9 978-0-7609-4992-4     $25.00
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 5-Pack WS11060 978-0-7609-4985-6     $24.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS11060.9 978-0-7609-4993-1     $25.00
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 5-Pack WS11061 978-0-7609-4986-3     $24.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS11061.9 978-0-7609-4994-8     $25.00
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 5-Pack WS11062 978-0-7609-4987-0     $24.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS11062.9 978-0-7609-4995-5     $25.00
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 5-Pack WS11063 978-0-7609-4988-7     $24.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS11063.9 978-0-7609-4996-2     $25.00
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 5-Pack WS11064 978-0-7609-4989-4     $24.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS11064.9 978-0-7609-4997-9     $25.00
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 5-Pack WS11065 978-0-7609-4990-0     $24.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS11065.9 978-0-7609-4998-6     $25.00
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 5-Pack WS11066 978-0-7609-4991-7     $24.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS11066.9 978-0-7609-4999-3     $25.00

QtyZOOM IN On Understanding Sequence

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 5-Pack WS11067 978-0-7609-5008-1     $24.95
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS11067.9 978-0-7609-5016-6     $25.00
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 5-Pack WS11068 978-0-7609-5009-8     $24.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS11068.9 978-0-7609-5017-3     $25.00
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 5-Pack WS11069 978-0-7609-5010-4     $24.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS11069.9 978-0-7609-5018-0     $25.00
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 5-Pack WS11070 978-0-7609-5011-1     $24.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS11070.9 978-0-7609-5019-7     $25.00
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 5-Pack WS11071 978-0-7609-5012-8     $24.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS11071.9 978-0-7609-5020-3     $25.00
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 5-Pack WS11072 978-0-7609-5013-5     $24.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS11072.9 978-0-7609-5021-0     $25.00
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 5-Pack WS11073 978-0-7609-5014-2     $24.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS11073.9 978-0-7609-5022-7     $25.00
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 5-Pack WS11074 978-0-7609-5015-9     $24.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS11074.9 978-0-7609-5023-4     $25.00

The six ZOOM IN titles cover reading levels 1.0-8.0 (Levels A-H). There are 48 books in all. In each book, lessons range in difficulty from low- to high-range of the readability level to support differentiated instruction.

Modeled, explicit, and scaffolded instruction
With a wealth of support for teachers and students:

  • Exploration of 2–6 page selections in page-by-page chunks
  • "Getting the Gist" note-taking and summarizing instruction and practice
  • ZOOM IN think-aloud tips

Embedded test-taking practice

  • ZOOM IN tips and clue words
  • Selected- and constructed-response questions
  • Correct and incorrect answers and sample written responses for discussion

Support for struggling readers, including ESL

  • Content vocabulary
  • Graphic organizers
  • Additional strategy information

ZOOM IN Series has the following components:

  • Placement Books—accurately assess a reader’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Student Books—provide explicit instruction and concentrated practice
  • Teacher Guides—provide fully scripted lessons, annotated student book pages, pacing chart, reproducible assessments, and graphic organizers

Each ZOOM IN Collection includes:

  • 25 Placement Books and 1 Teacher Guide
  • 5 Student Books and 1 Teacher Guide for the six titles

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