Foundations and Models for Proficiency

Help Struggling Writers Improve Their Test Scores

The research-based, teacher-directed WRITE! Series provides students instruction and practice on how to write to a rubric on demand.

  • Give instruction and practice on GUM (grammar, usage, and mechanics) skills
  • Use writing activities based on models
  • Teach students to use graphic organizers
  • Provide selected-response questions and writing prompts in test-taking formats
  • Encourage peer collaboration

Get to Know the WRITE! Series

Grades 1-8

The WRITE! Series includes student books, student response books, and teacher guides. Student books and teacher guides are available in levels A–H (Grades 1–8). Student Response books are available in levels C–H (Grades 3–8).

Classroom packages are available, which include 25 student books, 1 teacher guide, 25 WRITE! Foundations Student Response Books, 25 WRITE! Models Student Response Books, and 1 WRITE! Part II Models CD (Books C–H for grades 3–8).

Student Book

Each student book includes 30 GUM lessons, 6 writing lessons (Grades 1 and 2–4 lessons), 1 research report lesson (Grades 3–8), and 1 rubric-scored writing (Grades 3–8). 

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Student Response Book (Part I and II)

Part I—Foundations: Gives students instruction and practice with the essential GUM skills necessary for good writing. Part I includes writing prompts, revising and editing activities, proofreading practice, and test prep.

Part II—Models: Uses peer modeling, collaborative learning, graphic organizers, rubrics, and on-demand writing prompts to engage students in learning to write. Includes lessons that introduce the various writing forms such as descriptions, narratives, expository essays, opinions, and summaries.


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Teacher Guide

Teacher guides include suggestions and instructions for using the program, additional graphic organizers and writing prompts, instructional reproducibles, and answer keys. Transparencies are also available.

"A great tool for writing. The guidelines are great. It can be used as a resource by itself. Excellent reference tool. The writer's dictionary. Recommend it to all teachers who want to build learners' writing skills."

JanetViana Clarke, North Carolina

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