Strengthen Reading and Writing Skills and Improve Test Scores

Help students gain confidence and learn how to tackle tests that measure reading and writing proficiency. The research-based SPOTLIGHT Program provides explicit instruction in elements common to test-taking through three comprehensive books:

  • Paired Passages
  • Revising and Editing
  • Writing to Prompts

Get to Know the SPOTLIGHT Series

Grades 1–8

Each of the three series includes books for Levels A–H (Grades 1–8). There is a student book and corresponding teacher guide for each grade level and series. Teacher Guides include a pacing chart, research summary, 4- and 6-point scoring rubrics, student and teacher assessments, student tracking chart, and answer key.

SPOTLIGHT on Paired Passages book.

Paired Passages

A similar topic links each pair of nonfiction and nonfiction, fiction and fiction, or nonfiction and fiction passages. Students practice with common test-taking items:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Short response graphic organizer questions
  • Extended-response writing questions (response to literature)
  • Note-taking

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SPOTLIGHT on Responding to Writing Prompts book.

Responding to Writing Prompts

With modeled instruction, guided practice, and independent practice, students learn to write on demand for rubric scoring. Each lesson includes:

  • A writing prompt similar to those on state tests
  • A writer's checklist specific for each prompt
  • A page for planning
  • Two pages for writing

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SPOTLIGHT on Revising and Editing book.

Revising and Editing

Students learn to improve poor writing and correct errors in writing samples through modeled instruction, guided practice, and independent practice. Students learn why each answer is correct or incorrect. Multiple-choice questions are common to those found on tests. Areas covered include:

  • Grammar
  • Usage
  • Mechanics
  • Composition items

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