Grades K–4+

Help Students Improve Spelling Skills.

QUICK-SPELL® Handbooks are easy-to-use reference guides designed to help students improve their spelling and writing skills. Using these three handbooks, students learn to independently check spelling and vary word choices in their writing. QUICK-SPELL Handbooks feature:

  • Thousands of entry words printed in bold type
  • Alphabetically sorted word lists for easy identification
  • Part of speech for every entry word
  • Synonyms to expand student vocabulary
  • Example sentences showing words used in proper context


Get to Know QUICK-SPELL Handbooks

Grades K–4+

QUICK-SPELL Handbooks are available in three levels.

Beginning Thesaurus (Grades K–2)

This collection of useful writing words and their synonyms will help younger students find just the right word to use in their writing. This thesaurus helps students avoid using the same word over and over again.

Thesaurus (Grades 3+)

With over 1,200 entries, students will learn a myriad of new words to use in their writing. Beside each entry word is the part of speech, a list of synonyms, and an example sentence showing the entry word used in the proper context. With this handbook, students will expand their vocabulary and improve their writing skills.

Word Finder (Grades 3+)

Give students a tool to check their spelling before submitting a final draft. This reference guide includes several thousand words commonly used in student writing. The simple design makes it easy for students to quickly look-up a word and check the spelling.

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