Mentoring Minds and Curriculum Associates

Mentoring Minds Is Joining the Curriculum Associates Family! 

This new partnership will help Curriculum Associates better serve students and teachers in North Carolina and Texas and provide Mentoring Minds the scale and resources to reach more students with the ThinkUp!® learning methodologies. The two companies will work together to strengthen the student and teacher experience and provide the best of both. Read more about this exciting announcement here. Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions you may have.

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Your New Best-in-Class Learning Solution

Learn how i-Ready and ThinkUp! are coming together to support Texas classrooms.

ThinkUp! with i-Ready Texas

i-Ready Diagnostic

Adaptive Assessment That Dives Deep

i‑Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment designed to provide teachers with actionable insight into student needs. It offers a complete picture of student performance and growth, eliminating the need for multiple, redundant tests. By adapting to student responses and assessing a broad range of skills—including skills above and below a student’s chronological grade—the i‑Ready Diagnostic pinpoints student ability level, identifies the specific skills students need to learn to accelerate their growth, and charts a personalized learning path for each student.


i-Ready Standards Mastery

Technology-Enhanced Items That Meet the Rigor of TEKS and STAAR Redesign

i‑Ready Standards Mastery provides flexible assessments designed to measure specific grade-level TEKS for Mathematics and English Language Arts and Reading. Many types of technology-enhanced items (TEIs) are included in the program. These items can provide a deeper understanding of student mastery of concepts, increase engagement, and closely align to the STAAR Redesign's new TEIs.


Teacher Toolbox

Differentiate Instruction with Teacher Toolbox for Texas

Teacher Toolbox for Texas was designed to support differentiated instruction by giving teachers quick access to materials aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for students performing on, below, and above grade level. Teacher Toolbox for Texas is a digital collection from which teachers can draw relevant, TEKS-based resources to introduce or reteach concepts or help students learn prerequisite skills from earlier grades.



TEKS-Aligned Instruction Infused with Critical Thinking

ThinkUp! is a dynamic curriculum and proven instructional path built upon a foundation of critical thinking. By fostering a culture of critical thinking, ThinkUp! helps students and educators understand problems, discover solutions, and take ownership of their education—resulting in mastery of TEKS concepts and improved performance.

  • ThinkUp! Math Grades 1–8 | Spanish Grades 1–5
  • ThinkUp! ELAR Grades 1–8 | Spanish Grades 1–5
  • ThinkUp! Science Grades 3–8 | Spanish Grades 3–5
  • ThinkUp! Writing Grades 4 and 7


Why are Mentoring Minds and Curriculum Associates a good fit?

Curriculum Associates, creator of the i-Ready program, and Mentoring Minds share a core commitment to serving educators and supporting students in Texas. Ultimately, it is the fundamental similarity in culture and values that convinced both teams that the partnership was right.

How can this new partnership help accelerate student learning in Texas?

Together, we’re building a best-in-class solution that combines ThinkUp! with i-Ready, just in time to meet the needs of HB 4545. Texas House Bill 4545, effective June 16, 2021, establishes new requirements for accelerated instruction for students who do not pass the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®). Learn more

How does this affect me as a Curriculum Associates customer in Texas?

Customers in Texas and who already use Teacher Toolbox will be able to access ThinkUp! curriculum—for English language arts, mathematics, and science—featuring assessments and additional resources. This will be provided to you at no additional cost this year.

I am a Mentoring Minds customer. How do I log in to ThinkUp! going forward?

Please log in here.

Who will manage and support customers’ accounts?

Texas customers will continue to be supported by Mentoring Minds’ Customer Success Managers. i-Ready Partners team members (i.e., partner success manager, educational consultant, and professional development representative) may also be added to your support team. Unsure who your direct support is? Email to get connected!

Will anything else change for Curriculum Associates?

There will be no other changes at this time. Moving forward, we plan to harness the best of both companies to continue to deliver the assessment and instructional resources that make classrooms better places for Texas students and teachers. Our commitment to students and teachers is stronger than ever.

STAAR is a federally registered trademark owned by the Texas Education Agency and is used pursuant to license.

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