Equity in Learning

Our Commitment to Equity

Our goal is to help every learner access grade-level work and ultimately succeed at grade level. By providing high-quality, engaging, culturally relevant, and anti-racist content to the schools we serve, along with assessment tools for setting high expectations, we believe that we can help schools create a learning environment where every student succeeds. While this work will support change in classrooms across the country, we believe it is critical to providing increasingly equitable experiences for all students who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

We strive to ensure that our products enable every student to:

  • Access and engage with our curriculum and assessment materials  
  • See their personal and cultural experiences reflected in our content
  • Engage with grade-level content and rigorous standards
  • Believe in themselves and see themselves as learners
  • Learn in classrooms guided by an unshakable belief in every student and by anti-racist, culturally responsive teaching strategies

We Are Developing Learning Tools That Support Equity

Over the last several years, Curriculum Associates has committed to extensive review of our materials, strengthening the ways in which our programs reflect and engage with a variety of cultural backgrounds and ultimately deliver equitable learning experiences for all students. As we move this critical work forward, we commit to putting a more deliberate focus on ensuring our programs uphold anti-racist values. We still have a great deal of work to do. Learn about what we’ve done and what we’re committed to doing.

Teacher and student reviewing student's progress on laptop.

Providing a Path to Proficiency for Every Student


Student completing a grade-level lesson.

Ensuring Access to Grade-Level Materials


Student completing an online lesson on an iPad.

Designing Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Curriculum


Two students working on a laptop.

Supporting and Inspiring English Learners


We Are Committed to the Journey Ahead

At Curriculum Associates, we are committed to becoming a fully inclusive, anti-racist, multicultural organization. Our efforts span from extensive work on our internal culture and talent to a deep focus on the products and services we develop. We are developing accountability measures, timelines, and goals to guide and focus our work. These goals include:

  • All educators and students who are BIPOC are affirmed and respected by the materials we provide.
  • All educators are supported by research-based, proven teaching strategies to help BIPOC students access and master grade-level content.
  • All our educator partners are engaged in training and implementation focused on closing racial and socio-economic achievement gaps.
  • All BIPOC students enter high school prepared to meet grade-level expectations in math and reading and on a path to graduate college, have a career, and participate in the community.

Our partnerships with educators are the most valuable resource we have. We look forward to engaging in this work together and welcome your feedback and ideas at i-ReadyFeedback@cainc.com.

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