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Smarter Together: Daniel Pink on Education Leadership, Innovation, and Distance Learning

Daniel Pink, a New York Times bestselling author, discussed his research on leadership, innovation, and motivation and engaged in conversation with four superintendents about how it could be applied to schools during distance learning. This discussion was part of Curriculum Associates’ “Smarter Together” webinar series.

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Smarter Together: Planning for Success after Extended School Closures

In this first summary of Curriculum Associate’s “Smarter Together” webinar series, Dr. John King, former Secretary of Education, and Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO of Baltimore Public Schools, discuss planning for success after extended school closures.

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Educational Assessment 2020–2021 Is Assessment 101

Educators are worried about learning loss and Back to School 2020–2021, but they already know how best to help their students get to grade-level proficiency: assess wisely, use personalized instruction, deliver scaffolded support, etc. 

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