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Students and teacher in a classroom.
Language Supports for English Learners Can Help All Math Students Succeed
Increasing language supports and demands in math classes can help all students deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts, which is why math teachers should “steal” practices that help their English Learners (ELs) thrive.
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Parent and student working together.
How to Take Learning Offline during Remote Learning
If you and your students are feeling like you need more breaks from your computer screens, the best solution is to take learning offline. Here, we share engaging learning activities that are accessible to students who don’t have access to the Internet or devices.
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Image showing common addition problem solving technique.
Use Active Math to Help Students Develop Deep Conceptual and Procedural Math Knowledge

To develop a deep understanding of math, students need both procedural and conceptual knowledge. Conceptual math knowledge is emphasized in the new standards and should be built in the early years using a variety of activities, including talking, movement, and interaction with physical objects.

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Teacher and student on a laptop.
Data-Tracking Advice from an Extraordinary Educator
Meghan Mayer is a 2020 Extraordinary Educator and a dedicated middle school  English language arts teacher. Here she offers practical strategies for data tracking with students that other educators can use in their own classrooms.
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