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Teacher and students sitting in a circle.
A Personal Journey to Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Associates’ Vice President of English Learning, Claudia Salinas’s experiences as a learner and as a teacher have given her firsthand insight into the importance and effectiveness of culturally responsive teaching and learning practices.
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Teacher sitting at desk.
Four Personalized Learning Essentials

Teachers need personalized learning platforms they can trust to help them efficiently and effectively address unfinished learning. In this article, we describe four components that are essential to excellent programs.

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Special education teacher Amanda Kipnis engages her remote learning students by wearing a dinosaur mask.
Rare Opportunities and Relationships: An Extraordinary Educator Offers Advice on Remote Special Education Instruction
Amanda Kipnis, who has taught a day class for students with moderate-to-severe learning disabilities for more than 15 years, shares how teaching her students remotely has improved her relationships with parents, introduced her to excellent new instructional tools, and made her a “better teacher.”
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