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Darnell Jackson's laptop showing his virtual class.
A Day in the Life of a Chicago Kindergarten Teacher
In this series, we follow teachers through a typical day and ask them the deep questions, including “Why do you teach?” In this first post, Chicago kindergarten teacher Darnell Jackson explains why consistency and accountability are the center of his teaching philosophy.
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Student typing on a laptop on the grass.
How to Host a Summer Learning Challenge

Highland Elementary School in Riverside, Iowa, started its popular i-Ready Summer Challenge to keep students who weren’t attending summer school learning. Learn how they do it so you can replicate a similar program for your students.

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Parent using a computer.
Lee County Prioritizes Family Engagement on Multiple Tracks
Florida’s Lee County School District has implemented districtwide and school-based strategies to increase student ownership and parent engagement. As a result of dedicated efforts, students have succeeded in their use of i-Ready, and parents feel more informed and able to support learning.
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Teacher and student using a computer.
Relationships Form the Foundation for Student Success at Chesnee Elementary School
At Chesnee Elementary School, student success begins with relationships. Educators use one student’s story to share how relationships and common strategies―setting high expectations, personalizing instruction, and using data―helped them build a thriving, supportive school culture.
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Student on a laptop working from home.
Four Ways Lake Park Elementary Helped Students Succeed during COVID-19
Despite an unplanned shift to remote learning because of the pandemic, Lake Park Elementary in Palm Beach County, Florida, was able to successfully keep their students learning and engaged despite challenges. In this post, read about the four major strategies they used.
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Teacher and students sitting on the floor.

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