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Is i-Ready Dangerous?
We hear a lot of questions about our i-Ready program, including “Is i-Ready Dangerous?” In this article we address educators’ and families’ concerns because we want decision-makers, teachers, and parents to have meaningful conversations about the programs students are using.
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Teacher-Assigned Standards Mastery Increases Instructional Ownership in Shelby County Schools
Tennessee’s Shelby County Schools has implemented teacher-assigned i-Ready Standards Mastery, which has given teachers more ownership over the assessment and reteaching process and helped students achieve substantial growth. Read about the key reasons why this approach works best for educators and learners.
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Relationships Form the Foundation for Student Success at Chesnee Elementary School
At Chesnee Elementary School, student success begins with relationships. Educators use one student’s story to share how relationships and common strategies―setting high expectations, personalizing instruction, and using data―helped them build a thriving, supportive school culture.
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What We’ve Learned about Unfinished Learning at Midyear

The Curriculum Associates Research team has analyzed early results from the winter 2020–2021 i-Ready Diagnostic and is sharing new insights into pandemic-related unfinished learning and the measures and supports educators need to address it.

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ESSA Evidence Requirements: What “Works”?

ESSA evidence requirements fall under four levels, with Level 1 being “Strong evidence of effectiveness” and Level 2 being “Moderate evidence of effectiveness.” So what’s the difference and why doesn’t Curriculum Associates have any studies that meet Level 1 evidence standards?

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