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Teacher sitting at desk.
Four Personalized Learning Essentials

Teachers need personalized learning platforms they can trust to help them efficiently and effectively address unfinished learning. In this article, we describe four components that are essential to excellent programs.

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Teacher sitting on a desk.
Three Actions That Will Accelerate Learning in 2021 

We have the unique opportunity to re-envision education in 2021. Accelerated learning strategies will need to empower educators to use data effectively to personalize learning and create safe, equitable classrooms.

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What Are Adaptive Assessments and Why Do They Seem So Difficult?

Adaptive assessments are tests in which the questions a student is asked are determined by whether they answered previous questions correctly. A series of correct answers will result in slightly harder questions, while a series of incorrect answers will yield slightly easier questions.

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Is i-Ready Dangerous?
We hear a lot of questions about our i-Ready program, including “Is i-Ready Dangerous?” In this article we address educators’ and families’ concerns because we want decision-makers, teachers, and parents to have meaningful conversations about the programs students are using.
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