Encouraging Independent Math Thinkers

Blended Mathematics Curriculum

Our Philosophy

We imagine mathematics classrooms with a focus on thinking and reasoning, instruction that is accessible and equitable, and a place where learners are doing most of the talking and teachers are consistently providing high-impact tasks and opportunities to collaboratively problem solve. Only then will students become strong, independent thinkers and active contributors in mathematics conversations. Engaged mathematicians thrive when:

  • Research-based mathematics routines are integrated into instruction
  • Problems with real-world application are at the heart of each lesson
  • The teacher facilitates and encourages active student questioning and discussion
  • Students at all levels of language proficiency are given opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write about mathematics

Our Solution

Ready North Carolina Mathematics is a blended mathematics program specifically aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Mathematics and uses a discourse‑based instructional routine to build strong mathematical habits in students.

Ready North Carolina Mathematics

Grades K–8

This state-specific program, based on the top-rated Ready Mathematics, prepares students for success on the North Carolina End-of-Grade Tests. When combined with iReady, the program seamlessly incorporates data to help teachers meet the learning needs of each and every student.


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