i-Ready Links Assessment Data to Targeted Instruction

i-Ready Outshines the Competition on Data Linking to Instruction

According to survey results from a national sample of K–5 teachers and instructional coaches, educators who use i-Ready Assessment are more likely to say that their assessment effectively links to targeted instruction than those who use other leading assessment programs.

The graph to the right illustrates the percentage of teachers agreeing the statement “effectively links to targeted instruction” describes their assessment program.

Source: Hanover Research (2020). Results from K–5 Teacher Survey on Assessment Net Promoter Score.

Discover How To:

Student doing homework.

Personalize Learning Pathways

i-Ready data gives clear information about what each student requires to grow and connects directly to the instructional resources teachers need to create personalized learning pathways.

A Tools for Instruction sample.

Get In-The-Moment Resources

The i-Ready Assessment suite includes Tools for Instruction, which provide teachers with in-the-moment resources that address specific skills gaps identified by the Diagnostic. Tools for Instruction can be used for personalized, small group, and whole class instruction.

Sample of prerequisites report.

Identify Essential Prerequisites

i-Ready equips teachers with tools that identify priority skills needed in advance of receiving grade-level content instruction, helping teachers empower every learner to successfully engage.

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“Before we had i-Ready, we used [an i-Ready competitor] and it was just a score that we were given. I didn’t have anything else other than, ‘Okay, they’re either at grade level, below grade level, or above.’ And it never  gave me, ‘This is what this child does really well, here’s something they’re struggling on, and [here’s] how I could help them in the classroom and what the parents could do at home . . .'” Brook C., Fourth Grade Teacher, Kansas City Public Schools

Other Reasons Teachers Love i-Ready

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Saves Teachers Instructional Planning Time


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Shows What Students Are Ready to Learn Next


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