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Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) in Missouri was making great strides toward improving student achievement, but the assessment program they were using wasn't meeting teachers' needs. In fall 2017, KCPS decided to switch assessment programs. After evaluating eight programs, the district committee unanimously chose Curriculum Associates' i-Ready Assessment—a proven, standards-based assessment suite that connects students’ data directly to instructional resources and/or lessons. KCPS teachers are thrilled that they did.

“Of course I would recommend i-Ready to another teacher,” said Joni Kennedy, a third grade teacher at KCPS' Wendell Phillips Elementary School. “There are so many aspects of how it makes our [lives] easier as teachers. It gives us data that we can use daily to adjust our instruction and meet the needs of our kids. Anything to save a teacher time, because we are so busy that it’s just nice to have some help.”

i-Ready Teachers Are More Likely to Recommend Their Assessment Program

Kennedy and the other KCPS teachers who say they would recommend i-Ready to their peers aren’t alone. According to survey results, teachers who use i-Ready are more likely to recommend their assessment program than teachers who use other leading assessments. 

In spring 2020, Hanover Research, a third-party research firm, conducted a national survey to measure educator satisfaction and perceptions of three leading assessment programs: i-Ready Assessment, NWEA’s MAP® Suite, and Renaissance Star Assessments®.  The study was conducted on a “blind basis” to provide independent and impartial results of educator perspectives. Results from the survey of K–5 teachers and instructional coaches show that educators who use i-Ready Assessment are more likely to recommend their assessment tool to a peer or colleague than educators who use the other leading assessment programs.

Percent of Teachers Likely to Recommend Their Assessment Program to a Colleague

Bar chart showing preference for i-Ready over competitors.

Rating of 7–10
Q: How likely are you to recommend [your assessment program] to a peer or colleague? (0–10 rating scale)

Source: Hanover Research (2020). Results from K–5 Teacher Survey on Assessment Net Promoter Score.

MAP® Suite is a registered trademark of NWEA.
Star Assessment® is a registered trademark of Renaissance Learning, Inc.
Net Promoter Score is a service mark of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

Discover How i-Ready Outshines the Competition

Hanover Research found that i-Ready outperformed the other leading assessment programs in a number of key ways. Here are four that are particularly critical to educators:

Student working on computer.

Saves Teachers Instructional Planning Time


Student and teacher working together.

Links Assessment Data to Targeted Instruction


Face of a concentrated student.

Shows What Students Are Ready to Learn Next


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