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A teacher can possess excellent lesson-design skills, be an effective classroom manager, and have a superb knowledge of content – but if the ability to motivate students is missing, the results will be dismally apparent.

The first step in motivating students is to understand the basic needs that drive motivation – things like the need to succeed, to belong, for stimulation and excitement, attention, power, and love. While we may not always be able to motivate a learner – there are as many different motivators as there are learners, and the factors that create excitement in students are subject to frequent change without notice – we can create conditions that increase the probability that motivation for learning will occur.

This course will help you as a teacher understand what motivates today’s students, and will provide real world tips and strategies you can use in your classroom. It was written by Joye Thorne, teacher, former administrator, and educational consultant, with help from John Grischow and teachers at Nash Central High School, Rocky Mount, NC.

Lessons in this course include text and audio instruction, downloadable examples, handouts, reading assignments, and lesson reviews in which you can assess your learning progress. Approximate time to complete: one hour.

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