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Whether you are a seasoned teacher or are just starting in the classroom, you want to pass on your love of learning to your students. You expect your students to be eager to absorb what you have to offer. You want to inspire the eager student, motivate the underachiever and draw out the shy child.

Disruptive, unruly student behavior will challenge your ability to conduct a harmonious, well-balanced lesson. You can avoid some of these problems by implementing effective classroom management strategies with well-defined routines and procedures.

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Lesson 1:
Setting Expectations (Flash required)
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It is important to understand some of the reasons that students misbehave, and then to implement strategies and procedures to get them back on track.

We hope that this course will provide you with the classroom management strategies and positive discipline techniques that can help you and your students succeed.

Lessons in this course include text and audio instruction, downloadable examples, handouts, a reading assignment, and a lesson review in which you can assess your learning progress. Approximate time to complete, including readings, downloads: 1.5 hours.

This course was written by Joye Thorne, teacher, former administrator, and educational consultant.

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