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Ready® Courses: Engaging as Learners

Ready Mathematics, Ready Reading, and Ready Writing are designed to help students master the rigorous expectations of the standards and support all students in their growth as learners. We offer courses to help Ready users build immediate and sustained impact in their classrooms.

We also offer courses designed to meet the needs of educators who are using more than one Ready program. These workshops take advantage of synergies in program design—including use of the gradual-release instructional model and similarities in component structure—to deliver a set of essential learning outcomes.

Ready-Courses for One Program

Ready Mathematics: Reachable Rigor (Grades K–8)
This course helps participants transform mathematics learning into an active process using questioning, listening, and reflecting to enhance the rigor of their classroom instruction.

Ready Reading: Deeper Reading (Grades K–8)
This course makes close reading personal and meaningful for teachers and students.

Ready Writing: A Higher Standard (Grades 2–5)
This course invites teachers to reflect upon their own practice and consider ways it must evolve to meet the new writing expectations.

Ready-Courses for Two Programs

Teaching with Ready Mathematics and Ready Reading
(Grades K–8)
This course supports teachers implementing both Ready Mathematics and Ready Reading.

Integrating ELA Instruction with Ready Reading and
Ready Writing (Grades 2–5)
This course supports teachers implementing both Ready Reading and Ready Writing.

Ready-Site Based Coaching

Support sessions are designed to support building-level implementations of Ready. Support formats can be adapted to meet customer needs and availability.

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