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SOL Ready Mathematics

Prepare your Virginia students for the new Standards of Learning testing in mathematics.

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i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction

Available for reading and math, this powerful online program combines an adaptive assessment with instant reporting, and engaging differentiated instruction customized for each student's unique needs.

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CAMS & STAMS Book Collection

Accurately diagnose and provide differentiated instruction in mathematics.

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Professional Development

At Curriculum Associates, we believe you can never stop learning. That's why we are pleased to offer many award-winning opportunities for training and professional development. From product training to onsite workshops, we offer several professional development options that will help you further your career as an educator.

Product Training
We call our product training CA101, because it gives you all the information you need to use our products most effectively. From Quick-Tour overviews to in-depth training videos, you'll learn the best ways to implement each product.

Live Training
We know that sometimes you want a “live” person there to help you use your Curriculum Associates program effectively. That's why we offer both in-person and webinar training solutions.

Our award-winning Topics in Education series gives educators practical tools and strategies to address the needs of today's classroom.


Diagnostic & Instruction
i-Ready Professional Development resources are available to all i-Ready customers. Log in to i-Ready and click on the Resources tab where you will find on-demand videos, live and recorded webinars, and other useful support documents.

For technical documentation, system requirements checklists, and technical support, click here.

  New! Ready Common Core (National)

BRIGANCE® Special Education
  Current Editions
    Inventory of Early Development III (IED III)—criterion-referenced
    Inventory of Early Development III (IED III) Standardized
    Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II (CIBS II)
    Transition Skills Inventory (TSI)
    Transition Skills Activities
    Quick-Start Online Management System Videos
    Nuevo! Video—Inventario de Desarrollo Temprano II
  Previous Editions
    Quick-Tour Video: BRIGANCE® Special Education System
    Inventory of Early Development II (2010)
    Inventory of Early Development II (2004)
    Using the IED II (2004) for Reporting on Early Childhood Outcomes
    Assessment of Basic Skills-Revised (ABS-R) Spanish Edition

BRIGANCE® Early Childhood
  Current Editions
    Early Childhood Screens III: 0–35 Months Screen and 3–5 Years Screen (2013)
    Early Childhood Screen III: K&1 (2013)
    Inventory of Early Development III—Early Childhood Edition (2013)
  Previous Editions
    Early Childhood Screens (2010)
    Early Childhood Screens Quick Tutorial for Calculating Chronological Age
    BRIGANCE® Screens II (2005)
    Early Childhood Developmental Inventory (2010)
    Inventory of Early Development II (2004)
    Using the Inventory of Early Development II (2004) for Reporting on Early Childhood Outcomes

BRIGANCE® Head Start
  Current Editions
    Head Start Screens III - 0-35 Months Screen and 3-5 Years Screen (2013)
    Inventory of Early Development III for Head Start (2013) Coming Soon!
  Previous Editions
    Head Start Screens (2010)
    Head Start Developmental Inventory (2010)

  Classroom Reading Intervention Program with 2010 CARS® & STARS® Series
  CARS®, STARS®, Extensions, CARS® II Series (2006 edition)
  FOCUS On Reading Series
  Milestones, Making Reading Connections, Passageways® Series
  Phonics for Reading (2010 edition)
  Phonics for Reading (previous edition)

Language Arts
  QUICK-WORD® Handbooks

  2010 CAMS®, STAMS® Mathematics Program
  CAMS®, STAMS®, Extensions, CAMS® II Series (prior to 2009)
  FOCUS On Mathematics Series

Test Preparation
  California Content Standards
  TEST READY® Series

Title I
  2010 CAMS®, STAMS® Mathematics Program
  CAMS®, STAMS®, Extensions, CAMS® II Series (prior to 2009)
  CARS®, STARS®, ZOOM IN, FOCUS on Reading, Extensions in Reading Series
  CARS®, STARS®, Extensions in Reading, CARS® II Series (2006 edition)
  FOCUS On Mathematics Series
  FOCUS On Reading Series
  High-Interest Reading Kit
  Phonics for Reading (2010 edition)
  Phonics for Reading (previous edition)
  Spotlight on Reading and Writing Kit
  Step-by-Step Math Kit
  Strategy-Specific Reading

RTI/Intervention/Summer School
  Strategy-Specific Reading Kit
  High-Interest Reading Kit
  Spotlight on Reading and Writing Kit

In-Person Product Training
If you have purchased a Curriculum Associates program and would like to have a consultant come to your site, please contact your local representative to make arrangements. Training fees may apply.

In-Person Professional Development
If you would like to have a consultant come to your site to deliver a professional development workshop built around the Curriculum Associates program(s) you use, please contact your local representative to make arrangements, or contact Lauren Armour at Training fees may apply.

Live Webinar
One of our consultants will work with you to craft a webinar training that can be delivered to a group in one location or to educators at different sites. These high-quality webinars are a great way to get staff up and running quickly and effectively with the program(s) you have purchased. Training fees may apply.

Please contact your local representative, or email Lauren Armour at

BRIGANCE Professional Development and Training Options


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