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The World's Worst Pet
Tier Two Vocabulary App
The BakeStars' new pet is out of this world…literally! After adopting this creature from outer space, the BakeStars find out it has a taste for danger and loves to get into all kinds of trouble. Even though it may be the world’s worst pet—Jake and friends still need your help to keep it safe!
  • Addresses Tier Two vocabulary—high-utility words that appear across a wide range of texts, including literature and informational text
  • Provides incremental, repeated exposure to words in a variety of contexts
  • Supports the development of comprehension
Door 24
Computational Fluency App
There's trouble in Bella's Cella! Victor the robot fried his circuits to a crisp when he spied shocking things behind the mysterious Door 24. Was it a bevy of itsy bitsy brothers? Cranium craving creatures from outer space, voracious viral vampires, or worse?! Only the players can help Bella and Beau fix Victor's circuits and solve the secret of Door 24!
  • Develops computational fluency and number sense
  • Provides practice with expressions, equations, and algebraic thinking
  • Develops students' abilities to think quantitatively and strategically
  • Encourages flexibility and perseverance in solving problems

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