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Spelling Power

English Edition, Levels A–H (Grades 1–8)

Focus on Spelling, Meaning, and Writing

Develop strong and fluent spellers in just 15 minutes each day using differentiated instruction. Spelling Power includes practice and application activities with 1,825 high-frequency words. Program draws on decades of research in effective spelling instruction. All students are accommodated within the same level book—perfect for differentiated instruction. Lessons feature:

  • Words in context
  • Constructed-response writing activities
  • Self-corrected pretests and post-tests
  • Writing prompts and more

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QtySpelling Power: Focus on Spelling, Meaning, Writing

  Level A (Gr.1) Student Book 5-Pack WS8103 978-0-7609-0879-2     $40.00
  Level A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS8103.9 978-0-7609-0881-5     $26.95
  Level B (Gr.2) Student Book 5-Pack WS8104 978-0-7609-0882-2     $40.00
  Level B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS8104.9 978-0-7609-0884-6     $26.95
  Level C (Gr.3) Student Book 5-Pack WS8105 978-0-7609-0885-3     $40.00
  Level C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS8105.9 978-0-7609-0887-7     $26.95
  Level D (Gr.4) Student Book 5-Pack WS8106 978-0-7609-0888-4     $40.00
  Level E (Gr.5) Student Book 5-Pack WS8107 978-0-7609-0891-4     $40.00
  Level E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS8107.9 978-0-7609-0893-8     $26.95
  Level F (Gr.6) Student Book 5-Pack WS8108 978-0-7609-0894-5     $40.00
  Level F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS8108.9 978-0-7609-0896-9     $26.95
  Level G (Gr.7) Student Book 5-Pack WS8109 978-0-7609-0897-6     $40.00
  Level G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS8109.9 978-0-7609-0899-0     $26.95
  Level H (Gr.8) Student Book 5-Pack WS8110 978-0-7609-0900-3     $40.00
  Level H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS8110.9 978-0-7609-0902-7     $26.95

Each Spelling Power book has:

Basic Spelling List

  • Words presented first in list form, then in context
  • Exposures to each word are multiple and varied
  • Test–study–test procedure, including proofreading/self-correcting
  • Extension activities and opportunities to write in every lesson

Challenge Spelling List

  • A list of words derived from the Basic Spelling List
  • High-interest activities especially designed for the Challenge List
  • Pretest with dictation sentences furnished in the

Super Challenge Spelling List

  • Words demanding sophisticated language skills
  • Creative and challenging writing activities
  • A pretest and post-test

Focus on Spelling

Lessons begin with instruction and move to guided and independent practice activities.

Focus on Meaning

Students focus on:

  • Word relationships
  • Similar meanings
  • Parts of speech and other activities

Focus on Writing

Writing activities include stories and poems, biographies, letters, ads, and others.

Application activities include using the words in narrative, expository, persuasive, and personal writing.

Available in levels A-H, Spelling Power improves spelling skills in K-8 students.

  • Book A, first graders all concentrate on the Basic Spelling List and activities that build phonemic awareness and skills. Book B lessons include one added Challenge List.
  • Books C–H contain 25 instructional lessons and 5 review lessons.

Teacher Guides are spiral-bound, open-and-use and provide 5-day lesson plans with:

  • Objectives and suggestions for meeting each student's needs
  • Formats for teaching and extending the lessons
  • Reproducibles—spelling helps, word study procedure, configuration boxes for Challenge and Super Challenge words

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Although I teach second grade, I am using Book C in my classroom. I chose this higher level because of the excellent way the lessons are presented. Spelling takes only 10 - 15 minutes per day in my classroom, and I am thrilled to say that I have never had such consistently high spelling grades in any class that I've taught! I am recommending this program to my Principal for our entire school. Today I am ordering the software to go along with the book. I highly recommend this spelling program!

Danielle Pettifor, Florida


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Spelling Power: Focus on Spelling, Meaning, Writing


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