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Grades PreK–9 skill levels

Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II

Easily assess students' strengths and needs in the classroom. Based on 35 years of research and experience in special education, the BRIGANCE® Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II (CIBS II) is a comprehensive assessment tool that meets state standards and is nationally normed.

  • Determine PLOP/PLAAFP
  • Assess for effective diagnosis and instructional planning
  • Develop goals and objectives for IEPs and monitor progress
  • Track student progress with the Online Management System
  • Support alternate assessment needs

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  CIBS II Classroom Kit WS11620 978-0-7609-6169-8     $339.00
  CIBS II Reading/ELA and Math Inventories WS11552 978-0-7609-5855-1     $299.00
  CIBS II Record Books 10-Pack WS11575 978-0-7609-5856-8     $39.00
  CIBS II Record Books 100-Pack WS11576 978-0-7609-5858-2     $359.00

QtyBRIGANCE CIBS II Standardized

  CIBS II Standardized Kit WS11659 978-0-7609-6177-3     $339.00
  CIBS II Standardized Inventory WS11824 978-0-7609-5893-3     $249.00
  CIBS II Standardization and Validation Manual WS11829 978-0-7609-5898-8     $49.00
  CIBS II Standardized Record Books 10-Pack WS11987 978-0-7609-6157-5     $39.00
  CIBS II Standardized Record Books 100-Pack WS11988 978-0-7609-6158-2     $359.00

QtyBRIGANCE Online Management System

  1 Year Student License (10 license minimum for new customers) WS13096 978-0-7609-7270-0     300+  $6.00    1-299  $8.00
  3 Year Student License (10 license minimum for new customers) WS13328 978-0-7609-7517-6     300+  $15.00    1-299  $20.00

The BRIGANCE CIBS II meets the needs of today's special education teachers and administrators.

  • Meets IDEA/NCLB requirements
  • Measures academic achievement
  • Monitors student strengths and needs to set educational goals and support IEP writing
  • 2010 standardized assessments comply with IDEA mandates

The criterion-referenced CIBS II includes both a Reading/ELA Inventory and a Mathematics Inventory. The CIBS II Reading/English Language Arts (ELA) Inventory includes reading and writing assessments that correlate to commonly tested reading and ELA skills and strategies that reflect state and national standards.

Reading/ELA skills assessed:

  • Readiness
  • Speech
  • Listening vocabulary and comprehension
  • Word recognition
  • Oral reading
  • Reading vocabulary and comprehension
  • Word analysis
  • Functional word recognition
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Response to writing prompts

The CIBS II Mathematics Inventory is based on NCTM focal points, which align to state standards.

Math skills assessed:

  • Number and operations
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data analysis and probability

The nearly 400 criterion-referenced assessments in the CIBS II make it easy to identify present level of performance for students and provide ongoing assessment for academic skills at PreK to grade 9 levels.

The CIBS II Classroom Kit includes:

  • CIBS II Reading/ELA Inventory and Math Inventory
  • 20 Record Books
  • Durable canvas tote

The BRIGANCE CIBS II Standardized features reading, writing, and math standardized assessments in one convenient inventory.

  • Complies with IDEA mandates (Levels PreK–6; standardized for ages 5–12)
  • Provides documentation to support referrals
  • Produces grade equivalents, percentiles, and quotients
  • Monitors growth and reports progress

The 2010 CIBS II Standardization and Validation is representative of the U.S. population. The norm-referenced assessments in the CIBS II Standardized have high internal consistency, with an average reliability of .99 for Reading and .95 for Math.

The CIBS II Standardized Kit includes:

  • CIBS II Standardized Assessments in a single convenient volume
  • Standardization and Validation Manual
  • 20 Standardized Record Books
  • Durable canvas tote

FREE Online Utility:

Online Management System
The Online Management System works seamlessly with the CIBS II. It's simple to input and access data from any computer.

  • Manage all of your assessment data
  • Support writing of IEPs and target instruction with customizable/downloadable goals and objectives
  • Track individual student and group progress
  • Generate teacher and administrator reports, as well as communications for families
  • Produce standardized scores (when used with the CIBS II Standardized)
  • Meet IDEA reporting requirements

The user-friendly BRIGANCE Online Management System includes:

  • Yearly license
  • 24/7 password-protected access
  • 24/7 Online Training

Previous edition CIBS–R

The Reading Comprehension section contains longer passages for fluency at each reading level (K–8), allowing for grade placement. Each passage is followed by questions on these higher-level thinking strategies:

  • Fact/Details
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Cause/Effect
  • Figurative Language
  • Sequence
  • Drawing Conclusions/Making Inferences
  • Fact/Opinion
Named a 2010 AEP (Association of Educational Publishers) Distinguished Achievement Award Winner.

Validity and reliability information can be found here.

Learn how to use the BRIGANCE Special Education products with our easy to follow, step-by-step, free online CA101® e‑Training modules. Go to the BRIGANCE Special Education section of our Professional Development Products page for the following BRIGANCE Special Education CA101 e-trainings:

  • BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II (CIBS II) (2010)
  • BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development II (IED II) (2010)
  • BRIGANCE Transition Skills Inventory (TSI) (2010)
  • Overview of BRIGANCE Inventories (2004)
  • BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development II (2004)
  • BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development II (2004) Management System
  • BRIGANCE Using the Inventory of Early Development II (2004) for Reporting on Early Childhood Outcomes
  • BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills–Revised (CIBS–R)
  • BRIGANCE CIBS–R Management System
  • BRIGANCE Assessment of Basic Skills–Revised (ABS–R) Spanish Edition
  • BRIGANCE Readiness: Strategies and Practice (2005)
  • BRIGANCE Life Skills (LSI) and Employability Skills (ESI) Inventories
  • BRIGANCE LSI and ESI Management Systems


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