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TEST READY Language Arts

Grades 1–8

Prepare your students for English Language Arts test taking. TEST READY® Language Arts focuses on language arts questions that closely mirror the types of problems on standardized tests to raise test scores—guaranteed.

  • Tracks progress with pretest, practice lessons, and post test
  • Correlates to basal and standards-based texts
  • Supports NCTE initiatives

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QtyTEST READY Language Arts

  Book 1 Student Book WS9230 978-0-7609-2401-3     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 1 Teacher Guide WS9230.9 978-0-7609-2409-9     $3.98
  Book 2 Student Book WS9194 978-0-7609-2402-0     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 2 Teacher Guide WS9194.9 978-0-7609-2410-5     $3.98
  Book 3 Student Book WS9195 978-0-7609-2403-7     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 3 Teacher Guide WS9195.9 978-0-7609-2411-2     $3.98
  Book 4 Student Book WS9196 978-0-7609-2404-4     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 4 Teacher Guide WS9196.9 978-0-7609-2412-9     $3.98
  Book 5 Student Book WS9197 978-0-7609-2405-1     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 5 Teacher Guide WS9197.9 978-0-7609-2413-6     $3.98
  Book 6 Student Book WS9198 978-0-7609-2406-8     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 6 Teacher Guide WS9198.9 978-0-7609-2414-3     $3.98
  Book 7 Student Book WS9199 978-0-7609-2407-5     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 7 Teacher Guide WS9199.9 978-0-7609-2415-0     $3.98
  Book 8 Student Book WS9200 978-0-7609-2408-2     10+  $2.75    1-9  $6.95
  Book 8 Teacher Guide WS9200.9 978-0-7609-2416-7     $3.98

TEST READY Language Arts covers three areas:

  • Spelling—cloze items and spotting misspelled words
  • Language—mechanics, expression, and use of resources
  • Rubric-scored writing—students write narrative, expository, or descriptive passages

Student Books contain:

  • Optional pretest
  • Ten practice lessons
  • Timed practice post test
  • Constructed-response questions

Teacher Guides feature:

  • Scope and sequence
  • Answer key
  • Scripting for teacher-directed lessons (Books 1 and 2)

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I found them to be of the utmost benefit for our state because they were of the same format as the Standards Based Assessments. I also liked them because they were extremely challenging and forced the kids to think. I used the Language Arts and Math materials. Both were awesome.

Candy Milam, New Mexico


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