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Skills/Advanced Skills for School Success

Grades 3–7+

by Anita Archer and Mary Gleason
Give your students study and work strategies to keep them organized. Skills/Advanced Skills for School Success is a research-based program that transforms "strategy-free" students into successful students who:

  • Exhibit positive classroom behaviors, manage time, and organize assignments
  • Make effective use of text and reference books and interpret graphic aids
  • Study for and approach tests with confidence
  • Gather information, take notes, and respond in class

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QtySkills for School Success

  Book 3 Student Book WS383 978-0-89187-952-7     5+  $9.95    1-4  $14.95
  Book 3 Teacher Guide WS393 978-0-89187-850-6     $29.95
  Book 4 Student Book WS384 978-0-89187-997-8     5+  $9.95    1-4  $14.95
  Book 4 Teacher Guide WS394 978-0-89187-853-7     $29.95
  Book 5 Student Book WS385 978-0-89187-998-5     5+  $9.95    1-4  $14.95
  Book 5 Teacher Guide WS395 978-0-89187-854-4     $29.95
  Book 6 Student Book WS386 978-0-89187-999-2     5+  $9.95    1-4  $14.95
  Book 6 Teacher Guide WS396 978-0-89187-856-8     $29.95
  Academic Calendar 10-Pack WS121 978-0-7609-1496-0     $19.90
  Guidelines for Grade 1 and 2 WS4115 978-0-89187-068-5     $0.00

QtyAdvanced Skills for School Success

  Module 1 Teacher Guide WS8942 978-0-7609-2098-5     $15.95
  Module 1 School Behaviors and Organization Skills Student Book 10-Pack WS8943 978-0-7609-2100-5     $28.90
  Module 2 Completing Daily Assignments Student Book 10-Pack WS8944 978-0-7609-2102-9     $28.90
  Module 2 Teacher Guide WS8944.9 978-0-7609-2103-6     $15.95
  Module 3 Effective Reading of Textbooks Student Book 10-Pack WS8945 978-0-7609-2105-0     $28.90
  Module 3 Teacher Guide WS8945.9 978-0-7609-2106-7     $15.95
  Module 4 Learning From Verbal Presentations and Participating in Discussions Student Book 10-Pack WS8946 978-0-7609-2108-1     $28.90
  Module 4 Teacher Guide WS8946.9 978-0-7609-2109-8     $15.95

Skills/Advanced Skills for School Success include:

Skills for School Success for grades 3–6

  • Student Books
  • Teacher Guides
  • Skills Teacher Resource Guides for Grades 1 and 2

Academic Calendar Booklet—students schedule and plan a full year of assignments. Two-page spreads form a month-at-a-glance.

Advanced Skills for School Success arms students in grades 7+ with essential study and work strategies.
Student Books and Teacher Guides for the following modules:

  • Module 1—School Behaviors and Organization Skills—how to get organized and manage time
  • Module 2—Completing Daily Assignments—how to plan and produce neat, well-organized assignments
  • Module 3—Effective Reading of Textbooks—how to prepare to read actively, take notes, map content, and summarize
  • Module 4—Learning from Verbal Presentations and Participating in Discussions—take notes, brainstorm, and communicate effectively

Discussions—how to take notes, brainstorm, and communicate effectively

  • Academic Calendar Booklet

FREE10 Terrific Tips for Using Skills for School Success Academic Calendar

Started using the SSS when I was a student teacher. What a great way to motivate struggling learners to plan, organize, and budget their academic time with after-school time!

Mark, Oregon


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