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Grades PK–9

The brand-new, re-standardized CIBS–II is now available!

Easily assess students' strengths and needs in the classroom. Based on 30 years of research and experience in special education, the BRIGANCE® Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills–Revised (CIBS–R) is a comprehensive assessment tool that meets state standards and is nationally normed.

  • Determine Present Level of Performance or Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLOP/PLAAFP)
  • Assess for effective diagnosis and instructional planning
  • Monitor and report progress for IEPs

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QtyBRIGANCE Diagnostic Inventories

  CIBS-R Student Record Books 10-Pack WS7191 978-0-7609-1380-2     $35.00
  CIBS-R Student Record Books 100-Pack WS7192 978-0-7609-0222-6     $329.00

CIBS–R may be used as a criterion-referenced or a norm-referenced assessment tool.

Criterion-referenced assessment

CIBS–R meets the following assessment objectives:

  • identify present levels of academic achievement and functional performance
  • connect assessment with instruction
  • monitor and report progress for IEPs


  • grade-placement tests in key skill areas
  • pretests and post tests for many skills
  • 150+ skills assessments
  • reproducible assessments for group administration
  • supplemental and related skill sequences to facilitate instructional planning
  • Aligns with state and national standards

Assessment Components:

  • CIBS–R Inventory
    • directions for administration, assessor pages, student pages, comprehensive and supplemental skill sequences
  • Student Record Book
    • tracks and records assessments administered, responses, progress, and instructional objectives
  • Class Record Book
    • matrix of skills assessed, mastered, and objectives for group of 30 students
  • Student Profile Test Booklet
    • student pages for grade placement tests, Forms A and B
    • used to determine need for further assessment, to collect placement data, or as alternate assessment
  • Goals and Objectives on CD
    • create lists of CIBS–R goals and objectives to save, print, or export into IEP forms

Standardized assessment

As a standardized assessment tool, CIBS–R may be used to identify students' strengths and weaknesses and obtain data to support referrals


  • identifies children with learning disabilities, giftedness, or other exceptionalities with the diagnostic portion of the battery
  • produces grade and age equivalents, percentiles, and quotients in I.D.E.A.-designated achievement areas
  • Meets state and national assessment requirements

Assessment Components:
For standardized testing, in addition to components noted above for criterion-referenced assessment:

  • Standardization and Validation Manual
    • summary of standardized study
    • administration procedures and conversion charts
  • Scoring Conversion CD
    • calculates chronological age
    • converts raw scores to quotients, percentiles, age equivalents, and instructional ranges
    • includes Standardization and Validation Manual
  • Screener Test Booklet, Grades 1–6
    • simplifies screening with assessor and student pages for reading comprehension, sentence writing, and math computation-eliminates need to reproduce Inventory pages
  • Standardized Scoring Sheets Readiness or Grades 1–6
    • on triplicate forms for recording raw scores, quotients, percentiles, grade equivalents, and instructional ranges to share with staff and parents

Validity and Reliability information can be found here.

FREE online CA101® e-Training.

This is much better organized and way more comprehensive than many of the other instruments I have used in the past. It is ideal for tracking student progress and gives classroom teachers and specialists objective information to share with parents.

Caron Lye, North Carolina


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